Glen Peterson


Before the age of 25, I had never heard of a Chiropractor. During my undergraduate studies in Biology with a pre-medical concentration, I became very discouraged with the health model and where it was headed (more like what we have now!). Upon nearing completion of my degree, I decided to shift the majority of my studies towards Genetics as my interest in Western medicine began to fade. I completed my Bachelor’s degree but did not apply to Medical school, nor take the MCAT (medical college entrance examination).

In the final year of my undergraduate studies, I participated in genetic research at the institution hoping to find the answers to the ailments and diseases of mankind. I wanted to help people but no longer had a desire to treat using drugs and surgery. I hoped I could impact mankind in a new way through genetics. By studying genetics, I learned something very amazing – we all have the same capability of healing!! We just needed a way to unlock the body’s potential to do so. Even at this point in life and with all of my studies, I really was not sure how to do that. So, I began searching for a graduate school to get my Master’s degree in Genetic Research.

Then, the miracle phone call happened (or so I like to call it)! My college roommate (another intelligent scholar in the field of Cell Biology) called me and said, “I think I have found what we both have been searching for!” He divulged that he had been in an auto accident, and his family recommended he visit their Chiropractor. After receiving treatment for conditions resulting from the accident, he felt better – even better than he had before the accident. Though I was highly skeptical, I decided to give chiropractic a chance. I proceeded to Dallas, TX where I attended Parker College of Chiropractic. The rest of my story can best be described as a miracle. You can hear all of it at one of my lectures – truly worth coming to hear!

My Goal in starting Infinite Wellness was to have a place where everyone with the desire to be healthy could come and find everything under one roof. With treatments including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition and Exercise, we have seen the miracles in ourselves and our patients that the body’s natural ability for healing can achieve. I would love the opportunity to share more of my story with you as well as help you find the answers you are looking for. Infinite Wellness, Inc. is a great place to find a natural way to help you with your health and wellness concerns. I can’t wait to hear from you and to help you along that journey!.


Chiropractic Assistant

Patricia has worked at Infinite Wellness, Inc. since August 2020 as our Chiropractic Assistant. She graduated high school in May 2014 and completed Cosmetology School in June 2015. She then became a hairstylist until Summer 2018 when she decided it was time to go back to school for further education. Patricia then received her Associate’s Degree from the College at Southeastern Baptist Theology Seminary in May 2021.

Patricia is happiest at the beach, near the lake, or out four wheeling with her family. Most days you will find her outside with her other half and two little boys. She is also expecting another boy in September 2024!

She has loved working for Infinite Wellness all these years because of the holistic mindset & care that is given to all patients. Infinite Wellness has helped her tremendously with her Crohn’s disease and throughout her entire pregnancy! Patricia is happy to talk to any patient that would love to hear about the care she has received personally and enjoys talking to patients about their everyday lives. Patients become friends over the years and it is great to meet and talk with all of them!