Other Services We Offer


Massage can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care or as needed for treatment and healing.  Charnell Sutton with Cast Away Therapies is a licensed massage and body work therapist in North Carolina and takes great care in treating her clients. We’re excited to have her as part of the Infinite Wellness team.   You may schedule appointments with her independently by phone at:  919-841-3728 or on her website:  www.CastAwayTherapies.com


Explore a new kind of recovery and healing for your whole body. Mary Margaret Steel with Sole Reflections provides innovative treatments which target pressure points in your feet to relieve pain and stiffness. You may schedule appointments with her by phone at: 919-757-6116.  Her website for more information is:  www.sole-reflections.com

levelFoot Levelers

With digital scanning technology and custom-made orthotics, we have been able to stabilize many of our patients’ body balance problems. We stand behind Foot Levelers as one of the best in Chiropractic orthotics for our patients. These orthotics have a proprietary 3 arch system that is superior to other orthotics. We encourage you to visit their website and learn about their products before making your decision: www.footlevelers.com


The Knightdale Rolesville Area Club for Runners (KRAC4Runners) is a running group organized by Dr. Glen which meets on Sunday mornings in the parking lot of Horseshoe Farm Park off of Highway 401 and Ligon Mill Road in Raleigh. The club is for beginners (walkers with two and four legs) to marathon runners.  We encourage all first-timers to try running at least 1 mile on the Neuse River Greenway.

Experienced runners know their current pace and strive to increase distance and decrease time. The runs are not timed as a group, but records are usually kept by the individual runner. Each runner sets a goal each week so finishing times vary.  Form instruction and advice are always available!

Where: Horseshoe Farm Park off of Highway 401 and Ligon Mill Road, Raleigh

When: Sunday Mornings

Time: 9:00 am during warmer months; 10:00 am during winter months

Who: Beginners to Experienced Runners

Contact: Check the KRAC4Runners Facebook page for any updates or changes to the run. Please invite your friends to join you!.