Our Services

Infinite Wellness is NOT “SICK CARE”. Although we all need to correct a condition from time to time, we want to change the shift of just treating symptoms to treating individuals to get healthy and STAY healthy! We want to know your HEALTH goals, not just hear what makes you continue to stay sick. We truly want to change your life!! This of course means helping you change your entire lifestyle. We want to be your coach and help you with that journey. That journey is unique to you and is based on the decisions you make for YOURSELF! We want to give you the tools to do just that. We don’t SELL you Chiropractic or any of our other services. Everything we provide here is for you to choose and decide what the best way for you to move forward for your health goals. No expensive long term plans, no pressure sale, or care packages, just the most help and availability we have to offer.

As much as we don’t like what Insurance has done or is doing to its consumers, we accept EVERY major insurance plan that we can. We know that you pay a lot of money for your insurance coverage and we want you to get the most from it. That being said we understand that not everything is covered by insurance and that not everyone has insurance. Infinite Wellness will always strive to keep our costs as reasonable as possible and try to always find a way to make HEALTH care affordable for everyone..