Can I have an adjustment after I’ve had back surgery?

Excellent question – back surgery is a vague term and many different types of surgery are being performed these days. With more minor surgical procedures such as Microdiscectomy and disc shave downs (laser or minorly invasive instrument techniques) the vertebra are not FUSED together. These areas can be adjusted just like a healthy area of the spine, although they may require softer and lighter movements originally until they become used to movement again. Then with rehabilitative exercises can be adjusted as usual once the area has become strong like it was originally. With procedures like fusion, two or more vertebra have been connected together for stability either by a bone graft, metal plates (or rods) and screws, or a combination of the two. These areas can no longer be moved independently! The vertebra or structures above and below these areas however can be adjusted. Not only can they but these structures need to maintain proper movement more than ever!! They have more of a load to handle movement now due to the inability of the fused area to move, thus they need all the help they can get. In the hands of a qualified chiropractor familiar with spinal surgery not only can you be adjusted but it is very safe and you should be adjusted now more than ever! As a chiropractor with a a great deal of this experience and close relationships with one of the Raleigh areas very best spinal surgeons we can assure you that chiropractic is something you should look into.

Can I be adjusted during my last trimester?

YES! Chiropractic care in the hands of an experienced physician is VERY safe for Pregnant patients. Moms in any aspect of their pregnancies have had me adjust their spines for relief in pain, proper movement patterns for the baby and even a MUCH EASIER DELIVERY. I have adjusted several moms right there in the hospital during labor. I have adjusted many moms right there in their hospital bed after having their children as well. Make sure your chiropractor has experience in the field of pregnancy care and you will have no fears of being adjusted during this most special time in your life!! We have seminars to share with you if you wish concerning pregnancy care and chiropractic pediatrics.

Can children be adjusted?

Not only can children be adjusted – they SHOULD!! Kids are constantly an active and moving (as well as extremely accident prone) entity. They are using their small and not completely developed joints on a regular basis and often to an extreme. Once again in the hands of a well trained chiropractic physician adjustments to children is very safe. I have been working on children for over 13 years now and the results are miraculous.

I’m often asked how young is too young? I have adjusted infants that were only minutes old!! Right there in the delivery room where some I was even present during the birth and adjusted their mom during labor!! I know, I know – why would I adjust an infant? Well many reasons exist and you should come to one of my seminars to find out all of them, but for now I will just state that the birth process for an infant is about as traumatic for them as a head on 60 mile per hour car crash is for us!! If you have ever witnessed the birth process live, you will know that what I say is true (just ask any mother)!

What additional/care methods do you provide?

Infinite Wellness is here to provide you with as many natural means to health care as we can. Therapies to include: Electric Muscle Stimulation, Heat/Cold, Intersegmental Traction, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Acupuncture and Electro-acupuncture, Custom Orthotics, Rehabilitative exercises, and advanced Exercise training and a Crossfit style exercise facility with equipment. We hope to offer Massage therapy onsite as well as a place where you can come to receive the best information on Nutritional products, weight loss products, and recommendations for what will work best for you! Your goals are our goals!.