What We Believe

We believe that the best method of healing is to allow the body to correct itself as naturally as possible. We believe that medication and unnecessary surgical procedures often interfere with this natural process. Proper alignment and mobility of your spine and other joints along with proper nutrition and appropriate exercises tailored to your individual needs will allow your nervous system to do what it does best — HEAL. Our entire immune response is controlled by the nervous system and the nervous system controls every other system in our body. Joint Fixation causes changes around joints that can lead to inflammation. This inflammation causes muscle spasms and swelling which in turn causes pressure to the nervous system. The response of the nervous system to this interference is pain and further muscle spasm, thus locking the joints down more and more. We believe that if this is handled quickly and restored to normal the cascade of pain, inflammation, neural interference, and loss of joint mobility can be alleviated. The Power that made the body heals the body! If we allow our body to perform at its best, it will heal at its best – We are here to help it do just that!!.